Increase Penis Size


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Increase Penis Size

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Increase Penis Size

Ayur Natural Plus Capsule & Oil

Ayur Natural Plus is a

Government Approved Product.

Our Licence Number is: GA/1817

Proven Benefits of Ayur Natural Plus

  • Increase Penis Size (up to 9 Inch)

  • Improve Erection

  • Boost Sexual Stamina

  • Cure Erectile Dysfunction

  • Make Penis like an iron rod.

Do you face following problems?

Penis size is too small ?

Penis is not in a good shape ?

Erections don’t last long ?

Unable to satisfy your partner ?

Poor performance in bed ?

Getting tired quickly during sex ?

Weak stamina and libido ?

Penis lose hardness during sex ?


AYUR NATURAL PLUS can solve your all Problems.

Benefits Of Ayur Natural Plus

✔ Increase Penis Size up to 9 inch

✔ Improve Erection

✔ Boost Stamina

✔ Cure Erectile Dysfunction

✔ Always keep you ready for sex

✔ Energies Penis

✔ Remove all Sex Problems

✔ Increase Sperm Count

Make Massive Penis

Full Course will give you
8 to 9 inch Penis

Follow given procedure and you can make your Dick bigger.
Take 1 Capsule a Day.
Apply Oil on your penis


Clinically tested and certified by 7 labs in India


Approved by 310 sexologist doctor in India


Nearly 79000 satisfied customers in few years.

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100% Guaranteed Result

Ayur Natural Plus on a daily basis allows you to enlarge the size & girth of your Penis.

You can fuck all night with 1 Capsule

You do not need to be embarrassed anymore! Get rock-hard erections which last for long hours.

Make Bigger Penis

Ayur Natural Plus will increase Penis Size & Girth within given time

This medicine is made with the help of ancient formula and modern technique. Ayur Natural Plus is the only product in India which is legally approved by Government of India. Our License number is also given on our site so you can check its authenticity.

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You can get a bigger penis

If your Penis is small, don't worry. Ayur Natural Plus will make your Penis very big.

Due to masturbation, I got problem of erectile dysfunction and my penis started shrinking. After using Ayur Natural Plus, my sexual strength is back and my penis has gained  length and girth. Thank God, I started taking Ayur Natural Plus after my friend told me about it.
हस्तमैथुन के कारण, मुझे स्तंभन दोष एवं शीग्र पतन रोग की समस्या हो गई और मेरे लिंग सिकुड़ने लगा था । आयुर नेचरल प्लस का उपयोग करने के बाद, मुझे मेरी यौन ताकत वापस मिली और मेरे लिंग की लम्बाई और चौड़ाई बढ़ी है। शुक्र है, मैंने समय पर अपने दोस्त के कहने पर पेनिगरा इस्तेमाल करना शुरू किया। 
Prabhakar Sarkar, Kolkata
After my wedding, I was worried about having a short penis since she could whine that I was not fulfilling her. I needed to find a solution to overcome this problem. I attempted alternate penis improvement pills sold in the market and they were not providing the wished results. While looking for a natural product which actually works without any side effects, I met with a peer who had utilized Ayur Natural Plus to take care of a similar issue. Since I began consuming Ayur Natural Plus, I have seen changes in my sexual performance with my partner. She is presently happy with my sexual execution and we are now living as a cheerful couple.
Saleem, Hyderabad
I convey my true gratitude to Ayur Natural Plus. I consumed the pill and massage the oil as prescribed and it worked effectively. My penis has expanded quickly and right now I can confidently say I can fulfill any lady on earth. My spouse is much happier now and I also feel like a real man. 

मैं आयुर नेचरल प्लस को अपना सच्चा आभार व्यक्त करता हूं। आयुर नेचरल प्लस ने प्रभावी ढंग से काम किया और मेरे लिंग की लाबाई और मोटाई का विस्तार किया। और मैं आत्मविश्वास से कह सकता हूं कि मैं पृथ्वी पर किसी भी महिला को पूर्ण रूप से संतुष्ट कर सकता हूं। अब मैं एक असली मर्द की तरह महसूस करता हूं। 
Prakash, Delhi

Sexual drive increase

Increase Confidence

This Herbal Product will make you a Real Porn Star without any side effects.

Increase the size of your penis

Increase Penis Size

Ayur Natural Plus Pills and Oil will increase your Penis size.

Long lasting erection

Keep Long Erection

After having just one capsule you will get very hard erection for all night long.

Sexual drive increase

Increase Confidence

This Herbal Product will make you a Real Porn Star without any side effects.

Penis girth and width increase naturally

Increase Penis Size

Ayur Natural Plus Pills and Oil will increase your Penis size 100% Naturally.

Long lasting erection

Keep Long Erection

After having just one capsule you will get very hard erection for all night long.


Using an all-natural formula designed for Men, AYUR NATURAL PLUS improves sexual desires giving you a harder erection and improving stamina making sure, She is completely satisfied.

Ayur Natural Plus is Made from 100% Natural Ingredients.

Enhanced Virility

Reignite your sex drive and feel like an alpha.

Give Her Endless Pleasure

Please her all night and keep her coming back for more.

Intensify Your Pleasure

Take your sex life to the next level. Make her wildest dreams come true.

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Feel Like A Man

In just days you will experience a huge increase in your sexual performance.

Bigger, Harder Erection

Massive blood flow will make your penis look bigger, thicker and feel harder. She’ll love it!

Fierce Sex Drive

Tap into the primal instinct to unleash a torrent of energy and desire.

Incredible Satisfaction

Achieve heights of pleasure you never thought possible and she will too.

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Combination of Ancient Ayurveda
and Modern Technology.


Increase Penis Size






Increase staying power
Better Erections
Increase Penis Size

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Increase sexual stamina
no more premature ejaculation
Increase Penis Size

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Natural Penis Enlargement






Biggest and strongest Penis
Cure ED (Erectile Dysfunction)
Increase Penis Size and Girth

Total Price ₹: 10050
Discount: 50%
You pay ₹: 5030

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AshwagandhaIn clinical trials, Ashwagandha demonstrated a significant positive effect on physiological aspects of libido and may assist to maintain normal healthy testosterone levels.


ShilajitShilajit boosts sexual desire, libido and stamina. Also known to enhance sperm production giving you a bigger load to unleash in bed.


Long known to Brazilians to be an aphrodisiac, this magical bean will boost your libido and sex drive.


Gokhru is a powerful herb that combats a binding effect of your testosterone giving you even more free testosterone so you feel younger and more alive.


KokilashaA herb native which has a long history in ancient tribal medicines. Used as an effective aphrodisiac and energy booster to rev up your sex drive.

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Penis girth and width increase naturally

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