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AshwagandhaIn clinical trials, Ashwagandha demonstrated a significant positive effect on physiological aspects of libido and may assist to maintain normal healthy testosterone levels.


ShilajitShilajit boosts sexual desire, libido and stamina. Also known to enhance sperm production giving you a bigger load to unleash in bed.


Long known to Brazilians to be an aphrodisiac, this magical bean will boost your libido and sex drive.


Gokhru is a powerful herb that combats a binding effect of your testosterone giving you even more free testosterone so you feel younger and more alive.


KokilashaAn herb native which has a long history in ancient tribal medicines. Used as an effective aphrodisiac and energy booster to rev up your sex drive.

100% Effective Aushadhi

AyurvedaOur herbal healthcare medicines are made from plant extracts and they have been proving worthy as natural remedies since centuries. Ayur Pharma is one of the leading company who manufactures Ayurvedic healthcare products in wide range and variety, developed to treat some of the most prevalent health disorders of the modern times. Our aim is to produce genuine, safe, and effective herbal products that have medicinal properties and are made with a unique blend of traditional knowledge (Ayurveda) and modern science. We believe in delivering exceptional value to our customers through competitive prices, standardized manufacturing processes, and innovative products.

Using Nature to cure the problem

Herbal TreatmentNature has time and again shown us its infinite power. As nature creates and sustains life and we too are its beings, anything natural is best-suited for us. We at Ayur Pharma, believe in this and combine traditional wisdom with modern research to make products from the finest herbs and ingredients available in nature, without using any chemical formulations. The process of creating these products is completely safe and we ensure that all stages of the production process are strictly managed by medical experts and herbalists.

Solve problem with Herbal Medicines

Herbal TreatmentHerbal products are preferred because of their effectiveness and reliability, and also because they have no side-effects as compared to synthetic drugs, which are filled with unpleasant side-effects. Another good characteristic of herbal medications is that they don’t have addictive properties. They promote overall well-being as Ayurvedic medicines not just treats health disorders, but also act as balancers that regulate all the systems of a body, and thus keeps us fit for sex.


Herbal TreatmentAyurvedic products have been helping people achieve good results for thousands of years and lately, they have become more popular than ever as people have started to realize the numerous advantages of natural medication. Our quality healthcare products combined with world-class expertise offer our global clients a one-stop shop experience for natural remedies and wholesome Ayurvedic ingredients.

How It Works

Ayur Natural Plus is a male enhancement supplement that is made up of specifically selected all natural herbs aimed at one thing: Turning you into the Ultimate Sex Machine.


Using an all-natural formula designed for Men, AYUR NATURAL PLUS improves sexual desires giving you a harder erection and improving stamina making sure, She is completely satisfied.


Have problems getting it “up”? Ever find yourself losing your erection during the “moment” or it’s not as firm as you and your partner would prefer/like?


Have you ever thought how to increase libido to match that of your partners? It is possible to increase male libido to a healthier level with the help of AYUR NrueL PLUA


If you’ve experienced a decline in sexual stamina in bed, problems with premature ejaculation or just don’t feel like the “super lover” you used to be, it’s time to stop making excuses and do something about it.


If you think that ejaculate amount doesn’t matter in bed, ask yourself this: What would a fireworks show be without an incredible finale?

Feel Like A Man

In just days you will experience a huge increase in your sexual performance.

Bigger, Harder Erection

Massive blood flow will make your penis look bigger, thicker and feel harder. She’ll love it!

Fierce Sex Drive

Tap into the primal instinct to unleash a torrent of energy and desire.

Incredible Satisfaction

Achieve heights of pleasure you never thought possible and she will too.

Penis girth and width increase naturally

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6 Month₹ 1005050%₹ 5030
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Penis Enlargement remedy

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